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Sample Maps of Lincoln County, OK


TAZ are Traffic Analysis Zones created to manage and display US Census data such as Vacant Dwelling units, Poverty, and are being prepared to illustrate workforce, commute, travel patterns as the data becomes available.

cortpo gis mapping

Geographic information system technology allows COEDD to capture, manage, manipulate, analyze and display spatially referenced data, linked to a specific location.
Our GIS department has the equipment to scan and print large-scale maps.
This technology is closely linked with Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) in the region.

Geographic information Systems (GIS) play an important role within the Transportation Planning department at COEDD.  The Central Oklahoma Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CORTPO) performs a variety of short and long range planning functions for the region.  In support of those activities, staff collects and maintains a variety of datasets for mapping and analytic purposes.  COEDD and CORTPO provide access to GIS datasets for member entities and the general public. This data is intended for illustration, informational, planning reference, and guidance only. CORTPO/COEDD makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the data.