Rural Fire Defense Program

The Rural Fire Defense Program's mission is to establish, improve, and expand fire protection capacity throughout the region. The Program establishes new fire departments where needed, assists all fire departments in lowering their ISO insurance classifications, equipment needs, training, apparatus service testing, hose testing and equipment specifications.

A new Fire station was completed in 2015 with a combination of funds from Community Development and Rural fire Defense Programs; City of Chandler contributions and the volunteer labor of Chandler Firefighters and Emergency personnel.

COEDD Rural Fire Defense Program Staff coordinated the project.  Projects similar in nature and scope are scheduled to begin at other regional sites over the next few years.  These community facilities support the Safety, Economic well being, and community viability goals of the entire region.

Recent Rural Fire Projects

Press Release: Cushing FD achieved a "Class 3" ISO Rating!  This is a benefit to the entire community. 

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Photo Notes:

Sparks FD - Final construction phase of the Sparks new central fire station. 
This project was funded through the CDBG/REAP grant funds and local funds through Lincoln County for the Sparks Fire Protection District.

Paden FD Refurbished Water Tender/Tanker.  Funded by Rural Fire Defense Program and local funds from the Town of Paden.

Tribbey FD - Refurbished Water Tender/Tanker, this truck made possible by the Rural Fire Defense Truck Program and Pottawatomie County Fire Sales Tax funds.

Bethel Acres FD - Refurbished Pumper/Tanker apparatus, made possible through the Rural Fire Defense Truck Program, Pottawatomie County Fire Sales Tax funds and local funding from the Town of Bethel Acres.

Cushing's Freightliner 5 ton water/tender truck - Cushing FD just completed the fabrication of their 5 ton Freightliner DOD chassis they received from COEDD through the Rural Fire Defense Program.


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