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Bridge DATA

Bridges are listed by Sufficiency rating on a scale of 0 (Closed) to 100 (Excellent)

Some of the Bridges in these files may have been Repaired, Reconstructed or Closed since the file was published.

The number of Structurally Deficient (SD) or Functionally Obsolete (FO) bridges can vary, based on the date and manner of reporting.  There are two primary sources for bridge data used for this plan.

The National Bridge Inventory is a summary of all bridges in the County more than 20 feet long that have been determined to be Deficient or Obsolete, organized by sufficiency rating. Sufficiency is on a scale of Closed to 100. The date of listing on the NBI can be as old as 2002, and the State and County have made tremendous progress on repair, replacement of FO/SD Bridges since 2005.  While useful to identify bridges that were SD/FO, bear in mind that the current condition of each one will have to verified.  That report also duplicates many bridge locations due to documentation of each lane individually.  It is Labeled NBI Bridges on the website.

Another source we use is, a private firm that provides updated bridge data more regularly.  That Table is labeled BridgeReport on our website.  That is an easier table to use, but these aren’t specified as SD or FO bridges.  They are ranked by Sufficiency only. Therefore, both tables should be consulted and backed up with field observation. Contact District Commissioners for further information about specific sites.